Wedding limo bursts into flames

Hot stuff – wedding limo bursts into flames

Ouch! We’ve all heard of a wedding day going with a bang, but this is ridiculous.

A couple in Halifax, Nova Scotia, got a bit more excitement than they’d planned for when their wedding car burst into flames after the ceremony.

Fortunately, the couple weren’t in the car at the time, having just stepped out to get some photos taken in the city’s Public Garden. When they came back to get into the car to drive to the reception, they found the car in flames.

With no way to get to the reception, the wedding party found themselves stranded. To the rescue? The Halifax Regional Police, who volunteered to take the bride and groom and other guests in two service vehicles.

Everything is toast

Firefighters were quickly on the scene, but they found the car was already fully ablaze. “Everything is burnt, everything is toast,” said Capt Darren Jones of Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency, displaying a firm grasp of the situation.

The damage to the limo was so severe that investigators say they’re unlikely to get to the bottom of what caused the fire.

Thankfully, no-one was hurt in the blaze, which could have been much worse if it had started when the limo was full of passengers – particularly ones in big puffy dresses.
But there was one casualty in the incident: the couple’s brand new marriage certificate went up in smoke, along with the car.

For more details, including a video showing the scene, go to this CBC story.